A good community idea = Cash = Make it happen!

It’s really difficult to know what a community needs unless someone stands up and gently shouts about it. So here’s an idea to get things going…

During the past year, or so, a small team in the Fairview Community has been quietly helping to drive various activities, the most notable being the partnership with the cricket club to bring you the annual fireworks party. Funds were raised and some money has gone to local schools and initiatives.

There is still a pot of cash available for further Fairview Community projects.  Here’s how to get it.

Come up with ideas that will help us spend £500 which will clearly benefit the community and make a difference. It will have to be non-commercial and not for profit, just something that can be seen to make life better in a corner of the Fairview Community.

An independent panel will decide which idea gets the cash and that’s that.