Who’s Who?

All residents are equal but are some residents more equal than others? No not really, but there are people who are key players who we can badger to get things done and who we can praise when it’s done. People we need to turn to for support or advice and who we don’t, by and large, need to pay.

  • Just how do you get to talk to your local councillor in Fairview?
  • How do you get Alex Chalk to make a difference in Fairview?
  • Where do all these busses go and where do they stop? Baffling!
  • Who are the local doctors, shop owners and pharmacists and care providers?

A who’s who of who can help and who’s out there in our community – from time to time, maybe a bit of personal background about them. It’s how communities work.

Up first is the local community association – FCA

Churning away in the background of all of this is a group of four local residents who have kept alive the Fairview Community Association.

It’s an “association” because it is formally constituted and has already successfully secured funding through community grants, it is part of a network of recognised community groups across Cheltenham and has already won a Community award in recognition of some of the work it has done. There: Achievement already!

The Fairview Community benefits from the work of the FCA and you’ll be hearing more about it in forthcoming communications. If you’re interested in getting more involved, drop us an email by clicking here.

Secondly, meet Kim Graham, your Police Community Support Officer

Kim knows Fairview like the back of his hand…check out more here.

We’ll bring you information about other key people and groups in due course.