About the Fairview Community, Cheltenham

Fairview is at the heart of Cheltenham. But with no clear, physical boundaries there’s be a consistent blurring of where Fairview actually starts and ends! As such, and for many other reasons, Fairview has struggled to gain its own identity.

The Fairview Community is looking to change that!

With a small founding group of Fairview residents,  The Fairview Community is all about encouraging and supporting people to do something more – and to start tackling the issues that matter most in our community, together.

What’s already happening?

This website is already happening and will grow as the Fairview Community creates a greater sense of identity. There have already been successful applications for grants which help with, for example,

  • this website,
  • the fireworks party,
  • a Fairview Day planned for next summer to help bring local people together in a fun way,
  • there’s an event planned to bring local businesses together
    …all designed to have a focus on Fairview and how we share our common ground.

Where this is going…

Agree with the UK Parliament or not the Department for Communities and Local Government has long promoted the strategy of encouraging local communities to help themselves. It’s clear, it’s true, there are numerous grants available for numerous community projects but one of the main problems appears to be finding the people who can find the time to find a way of applying for the cash.

With the right support the Fairview Community can identify need and access the key to the grants…there are plenty out there but they don’t just come to us, we have to seek them out.

“Through the passion and skill of citizens, social action can empower communities, help people in need and complement public services. Taking part in social action is also associated with higher levels of wellbeing, and can improve people’s confidence and skills.” 2015 Government Social Policy Paper: Social Action. Read more here.